1) As a first step, please send in your email request to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga in Tokyo (info@tongaembassy.gov.to).

2) Once you receive a reply of acknowledgement from us, please mail in the following documents via postal:
(a) Current Passport;
(b) Birth Certificate;
(c) A return envelope (i.e. LetterPack Plus) with your name, return address and phone number.

Required documents should be sent to the address below for processing.
The Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga
Iikura IT Building, 2F
1-9-10 Azabudai, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-0041, Japan
TEL: +81 3 6441 2481
FAX: +81 3 6441 2482

3) Once all submitted documents are approved, we will send an email confirmation.

4) Upon receiving the confirmation email, please make a payment of Japanese yen equivalent of USD$230 (please call us on the day you wish to make a payment for the accurate exchange rate and bank account information) to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga.
Payment should be made by bank transfer (furikomi) only – NO cash in any currency is accepted;

5) Submit the Payslip via email(info@tongaembassy.gov.to)

Processing time:
Please allow MINIMUM 5 business days for issuance of the certification once ALL required documents are submitted.



2) 次のものを全て当大使館まで郵送。
(a) パスポート(原本のみ);
(b) 出生証明書 (原本のみ);
(c) 支払い済みの返送用封筒(レターパックプラス等) - 返信住所のご記入をお忘れないようお気を付けください。

郵便番号 106-0041 東京都港区麻布台 1-9-10 飯倉 IT ビル 2F
TEL: 03 6441 2481
FAX: 03 6441 2482

3) 当館にて上記の書類が受理されると、確認メールが送られます。

4) この確認メールを受理後、USD230に相当する日本円の支払い手続きを行う。

5) 振込証明書をスキャンし当大使館までEmail(info@tongaembassy.gov.to)。