TONGA BOOTH, KAMAKURA Festival Yokote, AKITA – Malo Heuifanga Kolokihakaufisi Taufa & Losaline Kaho Havili – for the beautiful handicrafts, may God bless your talented hands of Ha’apai. ‘TONGA CREATIONS – Losaline Designs & Kaute Kula Designs – Made with Love from Tonga’ donated their proceeds to Help Ha’apai – 15.02.14 Arigatou gozaimashita people of Yokote @Embassy

Arigatou gozaimashta to Team Tonga led by Her Excellency Tania Laumanulupe Tupou and her team of Tongan talents during the ‘Kamakura Festival’, Yokote, Japan.

The ‘Kamakura’ is the name of this igloo-like structure unique in Yokote, Akita Japan and is celebrated by the people of Yokote every winter. This year Tonga took part in the festival bringing together members of our Tongan community in Japan, who together with our Embassy did not only build Tonga’s ‘fale Tonga/kamakura’, Tonga Booth but also raised awareness on ‘Help Ha’apai relief’ while serving our Tongan kava and our fave Tongan dessert, faikakai to Mayor Dai of Yokote and all our visitors – a slice of a true Tongan experience!

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Mālō e lelei from the Kingdom of Tonga, the True South Pacific.


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