MALO E LELEI! Tonga welcomes many visitors into the Kingdom each year.

Visitors to the Kingdom of Tonga do not require a visa prior to their arrival in the country. Citizens who hold passports from any countries on the list below are granted permission to enter the Kingdom and apply on arrival at port of entry for a free 30-day visitor’s visa, provided that the visitor holds a valid return ticket out of the Kingdom to a country which s/he shall be able to enter, and the Immigration Office is satisfied that the visitor has sufficient funds to financially maintain her/himself while in Tonga. To enter Tonga, a passport valid for a minimum of six months is required.


Renewal/Extension of Visitor’s Visa

If you wish to extend your visa or you have any further inquiries, contact the Immigration Department in Nuku’alofa (Phone: +676 26 970, Fax: +676 26 971, email:



Visitors holding non-Tongan passports are advised that it is illegal to take up employment, business, and schooling or study courses while in the Kingdom on a visitor’s visa. All non-Tongan passport holders shall ensure that their visas remain valid for the period for which they are in the Kingdom. Persons in breach of the Immigration Act may prosecuted and subject to a term of imprisonment or fine or both.


Visitor’s Visa Application (for air entry/port entry)

Please follow the link below:
VISITORS VISA (for all other citizens not included on the list)


Countries NOT requiring VISAS
1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Bahamas
4. Barbados
5. Belgium
6. Brazil
7. Brunei Darussalam
8. Bulgaria
9. Canada
10. China
11. Cook Islands
12. Cyprus
13. Czech Republic
14. Denmark
15. Dominica
16. Estonia
17. Federal States of Micronesia
18. Fiji
19. Finland
20. France
21. Germany
22. Greece
23. Hungary
24. Ireland
25. Israel
26. Italy
27. Japan
28. Kiribati
29. Latvia
30. Lithuania
31. Luxembourg
32. Malaysia
33. Malta
34. Marshall Islands
35. Monaco
36. Nauru
37. Netherlands
38. New Caledonia (French Passports)
39. New Zealand
40. Niue (holders of NZ Passports)
41. Norway
42. Palau
43. Papua New Guinea
44. Poland
45. Portugal
46. Republic of Korea
47. Romania
48. Russia Federation
49. Samoa
50. Seychelles
51. Singapore
52. Slovakia
53. Slovenia
54. Solomon Islands
55. Spain
56. St. Kitts & Nevis
57. St. Lucia
58. St. Vincent & The Grenadines
59. Sweden
60. Switzerland
61. Tahiti (French Passport Holders)
62. Tokelau (holders of NZ Passports)
63. Turkey
64. Tuvalu
65. Ukraine
66. United Kingdom (Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
67. United States of America
68. Vanuatu
69. Wallis & Futuna (French Passport Holders)